Bio-Link Projects

In addition to Bio-Link's core mission, to work with biotechnology programs and develop the life science workforce, Bio-Link works with individual projects.  Each project aligns with Bio-Link's goals as national center. 


Select a project title to learn more about an individual project.

The Bridge to Biotechnology is a project that supports developmental education for adults seeking to enter the field of biotechnology.


The Bio-Link Equipment Depot works with companies who wish to donate biotechnology equipment for educational purposes.


The Puget Sound Biotechnology Advisory Committee is composed of high school teachers, community college faculty, science outreach educators, and industry advisors.  All the members each teach biotechnology courses, develop biotechnology educational materials or work in the biotechnology field.  Bio-Link is assisting this group by providing them with a private space on-line for sharing updates, participating in an on-line forum, and archiving documents. 


  • Learn about biotech careers
  • Find biotech programs

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  • Professional development
  • View curriculum

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  • Connect with local programs
  • Find skilled workers

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