B2B Features

1. Diversity and Access in the Bridge Program:

  • Ethnicity: African American students make up 20% of the students who enroll in the Bridge; 19% Hispanic;  20% Asian; 10% Filipino; 18% Caucasian. 42% of students are ESL.
  • Educational level: At least 29% of Bridge students have tested as upper pre-collegiate level and 23% as basic skilled (as low as 8th-9th grade math and English levels on T.A.B.E. test). 39% have not taken a placement test when they start the Bridge.
  • 80% of Bridge students are low-income (self-report)
  • Age and gender: 80% of Bridge students are 25 to 55 years old, with an even distribution among age groups within this range; 53% are male.

2.  Retention and Completion in the Bridge Program:    

  • 72% of students who start the Bridge pass all 3 Bridge classes, with another 9% of students who complete the program, even if they do not pass.

3.  Successful Bridge students…

  • Continuation: Bridge students take twice as many units and stay in the Biotech programs longer than other students (attrition is 25% vs. 40% for other students in Biotech programs)
  • Diversity: Twice as many African American Bridge students pass Gateway* courses as non-Bridge African American students.
  • Success: Pass rates in Gateway courses are doubled for Hispanic and Filipino Bridge students
  • Completion: Double the completion rates of other Biotech students for Biotech certificates.

*Gateway refers to the pre-required science courses (Introductory Chemistry and Biolgy) for Biotech students.


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