The Bio-Link Equipment Depot

The Bio-Link Equipment Depot provides a central connection point for companies that wish to make contribute equipment and supplies to schools.  Not only are all the donations tax-deductible, the companies can know they're making a worthwhile contribution.


The Depot organizes and tracks the donated equipment and supplies and makes the items available to high schools.  In Northern California, the Depot serves over 200 teachers and 85,000 students.  


As noted by the Bay Bio Institute:

Dave Menshew, a 16-year educator with the Modesto City Schools District and prior recipient of the Teacher of the Year award program, estimates that the Depot has provided his students with supplies, equipment and materials “totaling over $123,000 in full retail value. Even at a discounted rate for those items that were previously used, it is our belief that [these assets are] valued at over $75,000 in the open market.”


For more information about donating to the Equipment Depot, contact David Collins, Bio-Link Depot Inventory Manager,, office (650) 821-0112, cell (510) 599-0537.


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View videos about the Depot on Bio-Link's YouTube Channel:


The equipment depot is also described in Replicating Success:  Innovative Collaborations Between the Biotech Industry and Education.


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