Science Plus Basic Skills

B2B is an accelerated alternative to the flawed traditional basic skills sequence

Under-prepared students interested in biotech are often sent away and referred to basic skills courses that will teach them English and math skills required to succeed in the “gateway” courses – the science courses that are pre-requisites to all Biotech program certificates.

However, one of the unfortunate consequences of basic skills education at some community colleges is that they can unnecessarily delay the accrual of college credit by students.  Acceleration studies have shown that if 100 students start two levels below transferable math or English, on average only 13 will persist and succeed through that transfer level math or English class (Hern, K. December 2011. Accelerated English at Chabot College: A Synthesis of Key Findings. Hayward CA. California Acceleration Project).  Many students depart college before completing degrees or certificates, or even before completing their developmental sequences, which often have little in common with the subject they intend to study.  This flawed traditional model is science only after basic skills.

The developmental education model implemented in the B2B program is completely different. Our model is science plus basic skills at the same time.  B2B contextualizes developmental basic skills education with science so that student progress is accelerated.  B2B students receive college credit, and passing the B2B is a requirement for the Biotechnology Laboratory Assistant Certificate, the first of many Biotechnology certificates at City College of San Francisco. 

The B2B program has a track record of high completion rates.  On average between Spring 2006 and 2008, 82% of students who enrolled in the B2B completed the program, and 83% continued on to enroll in the College’s classes and programs, including Biotechnology certificate and degree programs and an AS degree in Biotechnology.  



Bridge to Biotech program at City College of San Francisco

The Bridge to Biotech and the Bridge to Biotech’s Internship program are the first steps to the Biotechnology Laboratory Assistant Certificate, which feeds into several Biotechnology Certificate Programs and an AS Degree in Biotechnology at City College of San Francisco.


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