Bioprocess Engineering - Systems, Equipment, and Facilities

Lydersen, D'Elia, and Nelson
John Wiley and Sons
Publication date: 


ISBN 0-471-03544-0
This book was written primarily by engineering and equipment contractors, along with operations folks in industry. It is targeted specifically to train folk new to manufacturing operations. It has discussions that are very practical; not highly scientific in nature or style, with oversimplifications and/or inaccuracies here and there. It has good chapters on fermenter design (ch 1), tangential flow filtration (ch 3), chromatography operations (ch 5), piping (ch 7), pumps (ch 8), cartridge filtration (ch 9), instrumentation and control (ch 11), cleaning (ch 12), sterilization (ch 13), water (ch 14), utilities (ch 15), HVAC (ch 17), facility design (ch 18), and validation (ch 21).


Reviewed by: 
Jim DeKloe


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