Biotechnology Explorations

Judith A. Scheppler, Patricia E. Cassin, Rosa M. Gambier
ASM Press
Publication date: 


ISBN 1-55581-178-7
Wendie Johnston of Pasadena City College and Jim both really like the experiments in this book. It has an excellent upfront explanation of keeping labbooks and making solutions. It starts with basic experiments in microbial cell culture and DNA isolation. It has students work with green fluorescent protein and it has an interesting experiment where students probe 16S RNA genes from a variety of organisms representing 5 Kingdoms (if you still adhere to the 5 Kingdom classification scheme.) It has the list of vendors that can supply the appropriate microbial strains, vectors, and primers, but only the primary source (like the ATCC) is given for obtaining the 10 organisms. Since each costs over $145, I worry that most of the experiments would exceed the budget of most schools. Again, if you need any of the bacterial strains, contact Jim.



Reviewed by: 
Jim DeKloe


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