Curriculum Clearinghouse Update - December 2012

Learn about the new items in the Bio-Link Curriculum Clearinghouse.  The clearinghouse is growing with new activities, videos, resources, and more!  

Highlights from the most recent additions to the Bio-Link Curriculum Clearinghouse include:

  • Activites from the Concord Consortium
  • Valuable resources from the Bio-Link site, such as the How-To Guides, the Bridge to Biotech project, and Bio-Link videos
  • FDA History and Divisions
  • An interactive movie, The Lab:  Avoiding Rsearch Misconduct, from the Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Research Integrity

A full list of the newest resources can be found here.

As always, we are looking for member-contributed resources to add to the Clearinghouse.  If you have created or found resources that are particularly useful in your classroom, please send them along.  We will add them to the Clearinghouse for other biotechnology educators to use and enjoy.

Thank you, and please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.



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