InnovaBio-MD Interns at work!

This picture shows two student interns working in HCC’s on-campus internship lab. 

The picture was taken in one of the two InnovaBio-MD labs on HCC’s campus.  InnovaBio-MD is an on-campus internship laboratory that obtains contracts for the students to work on from local biotechnology partners.  Jason is preparing to load a PCR on a 4% agarose gel, while Mariana is working on her notebook.  Mariana is a student in her second year of studies and is finishing her AAS in Biotechnology this summer.  She plans to transfer to a four year institution to continue her studies after graduation from HCC.  She is currently enrolled in the BTC269 Internship course in the InnovaBio-MD lab.  During a 10 week summer semester, she will complete 180 hours of lab work on a project contracted from the US Department of Agriculture.  Jason is a first year student working on an AAS in Biotechnology.  He is currently enrolled in BTC102 the Introduction to Applied Biotechnology Research course.  During his 10 week summer semester, he will complete 90 hours of lab work and is working on the same project as Mariana.

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