TC3 Biotechnology "Professional Grade"

Students in the Biotechnology degree program at Tompkins Cortland Community College (TC3) garner hands on experience in a lab environment. Soft skill development is one key feature of our learning outcomes.

Students are trained to work in teams, dress and behave appropriately for the work place, and communicate with the group. Technical skill development is another key learning outcome. Aside from the manipulation and analysis of DNA, including bio-informatics, students become well versed in establishing primary cell cultures and establishing transformed cell lines. An emphasis is put on maintaining notebook documentation, learning from their errors and developing an entrepreneurial spirit.

TC3 is part of the “Community College Undergraduate Research Initiative” ( where research projects are integrated across the curriculum. Immediately upon entry into the program students’ develop their research and lab skills related to the following projects; “Genotyping American Game Fowl,” “Microbial Production of Biofuel” and “Chicken Embryonic Stem Cell Culture.” During their capstone course students design their own experiment related to one of these projects based on their aptitude for genetics, microbiology or cell biology. Students are “lab ready” after this experience, ready for their next venture.


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