Free Educational Webinars for Both Students and Faculty

If you haven't discovered some of the free educational seminars hosted by companies and magazines who are selling equipment, you should consider them for yourself and your students.

Yes, the companies are trying to sell you a piece of equipment BUT they are also providing information how the equipment can be used, the best way to use the equipment, and what are some of the most important applications in relationship to the biotech market. Some of my favorite webinars sources are Illuminia (sequencing), LC-GC (GC and HPLC), and BioTechniques.

What are some of your favorites?  Please share them below.

Bio-Link Program: 
Austin Community College

The National Science

The National Science Foundation and AAAS are partnering to offer two webinars and a workshop for colleges that plan to apply for funding for the Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship program.

These events include:

  •  a day-long workshop on February 21 in Washington, DC at AAAS headquarters
  • 90-minute webinars (3:00pm-4:30pm ET) on February 15 and 16
Please register for the workshop or one of the two webinar dates by Monday, February 13.  A confirmation will be sent to you at the email that was used for registration.

More information is available here:

The TED series of talks is

The TED series of talks is absolutely wonderful. There is a great line up of speakers for the 2012 TEDMED talks:

On the agenda, are Francis Collins, Andrew Read, Jonathan Eisen, and several other people that you'll enjoy hearing.

Plus, there are talks from past years that you can download and watch for free on your mobile devices.


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