Bio-Link weekly news, May 17th, 2011

ATE Student Success:  Building a Diverse and Entrepreneurial Workforce  

Last fall, the NSF ATE PI meeting included a Birds of a Feather session where PIs discussed key issues and strategies for educating community college students in technical programs.  These discussions were distilled into key points and summarized in a new report:  ATE Student Success:  Building a Diverse and Entreprenuerial Workforce

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Webinar on writing ATE grants, May 24th
October might seem like a long time away, but if you're planning to apply for funds from the NSF ATE program, the best time to start writing is now.  Dr. Linnea Fletcher will share things she's learned from her time as an NSF program officer in a webinar on May 24th.  Register now!

If you're planning to attend the Bio-Link summer fellows forum, make sure your program is on the Bio-Link site.  We will have a session on entering information and we want your account all set up and ready to go before Summer Fellows.  Add your program here:
How do you grade students for the work they've done in their internships? 
- We are compiling a set of practices for determining internship grades.  We would love to include your contributions and input.  Send your info to
Learn about writing proposals for Transforming Undergraduate Education
Check out the  2011 TUESTYC Project on Biology, Engineering, and Physics
And check out Linnea Fletcher's blog post on TUESTYC:
May 18th Registration deadline for the 13th Annual Bio-Link Summer Fellows Forum
May 24th Bio-Link Webinar on ATE Grant Writing Strategies presented by Dr. Linnea Fletcher
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May 31st Early bird registration deadline for Hi Tech
June 6-10th 13th Annual Bio-Link Summer Fellows Forum.  Clark Kerr Center, Berkeley, CA.
June 26th Community College Day at BIO2011  Washington, D.C.
July 19-22nd  Workshop in Reno, NV for 2 yr college faculty on writing proposals
July 25-28 Hi Tech:  High Impact Technology Exchange Conference,  San Francisco, CA
Links to program descriptions and registration forms for all the events are available at:


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