Tropical Biotechnology Forum at Universidad del Turabo, PR

If you can't get to Puerto Rico, you can still follow along via the live conference broadcast.

Tropical Biotechnology Forum, Thursday, September 20, 2012

Foro: Puentes hacia la innovación en biotecnología

Theater, School of Fine Arts and Music, Arecibo, PR

8:30 a.m. a 12:00 p.m. • registration closed

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Short talks in Spanish to pre-college audiences will address contributions of biology, chemistry, engineering, business, health, and design to the progress in biotechnology as study discipline and socio-economical driver.

Speakers:Arch. Aurorisa Mateo (Dean, International School of Design, UT), Prof. Jannette Pérez (Faculty, Industrial Enginnering-UT), Dr. José R. Pérez-Jiménez (Director, Tropical Bioprospecting Venture, PRIMER, UT)


Educational Materials available

Bioaventura Tropical; educational magazine with notes for students, parents, and teachers about biotechnology fundamentals.  Published in Spanish

Tropical Biotech Forumnewsletter describing components, partnerships and outcomes of our projects.

Moisés, un taíno sin igual; blog about a very special assistance dog with useful links. Published in Spanish


This event is presented by PRIMER Tropical Bioprospecting Venture at CETA (NSF-DUE-0903274) in collaboration with Puerto Rico Institute for Microbial Ecology Research-UT, PRIMER Pathway for Advanced Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing (FIPSE P116V090048), PRIMER Bioprospecting for Bioenergy (US Forest Service 11-DG-11330101-111), INDUNIV, Puerto Rico BIO Alliance, Amgen, Abbott, Department of Education, and colleagues in the industry. 



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