STUDENTfacturED - Product Launch !!!

Students at SLCC could use your help!  They would appreciate your help in answering their survey questions about kits for molecular biology labs.

Hello Bio-Link'ers !

     As many of you know, Salt Lake Community College has established a student-run company called STUDENTfacturED that provides students with an opportunity to "work" in a real, biotech manufacturing environment.  STUDENTfacturED is focused on making supplies to support biotechnology instruction.  The company is a NSF-funded project and involves not just students from our college's Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing programs, but also students, and faculty, from the School Business who provide the necessary business support to make STUDENTfacturED a complete business enterprise.

     We are about to launch our first product.  This product is a sample of a plasmid unknown.  Many of you teach the following skills in your courses:

  • DNA concentration determination: sample preparation
  • restriction mapping: restriction enzyme digestion set-up; restriction fragment prediction and analysis
  • buffer preparation:  lab math calculations; measurement of dry and liquid materials; pH measurement
  • agarose gel electrophoresis:  running buffer preparation; gel preparation; sample preparation; gel loading
  • data analysis
  • lab report writing

The plasmid unknown allows you to easily assess your students mastery of the concepts and techniques related to these skills.  An instructor's guide on how to execute these assessments is also available.


At this time, we are interested in getting input from you about this product.  Please complete this short survey to provide your feedback.

Thank you!



This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 1003292.

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