St. Philip's Biotech Career Day March 21st 2014

St. Philip's College will host a biotech career day in partnership with two local high schools; Highlands HS and Southside HS.

Math Education for the Real World: A Relevant Research Study

Ever wonder why students have a hard time with lab calculations?  Dr. Lisa Seidman discusses insights from current research. 

Bio-Link Program: 
Madison Area Technical College

Mind Over Acrylamide

Kristine tells us about the ins and outs of pouring acrylamide gels.

Summary: You Have Developed a Patentable Product on an ATE Grant. Now What?

Judith Fitzpatrick shared this interesting summary from a workshop that she organized for the ATE PI conference.

Bio-Link Program: 
Bergen Community College

Hurry Up and Wait

What can you do when you're doing column chromatography and dialysing your samples?  Kristine says it all...


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