Fun with Serial Dilutions and Spectrophotometry

From spectrophotometers to serial dilutions, this week is all about concentration.

Why Biotech?

Meet Mandy Hunter and learn why she decided to return to school and study biotech!

Bio-Link Program: 
Madison Area Technical College

Employ Florida Banner Center Cell Culture Methods Workforce Training

Students learn proper cell culture technique at Banner workshop in Jacksonville, FL.

Practically Scary Halloween Week

Can you guess the mystery organism in the cell culture?  A very creepy Halloween visitor.

Bio-Link Program: 
Portland Community College

Fun with Plant Cell Culture and Visiting the Stedman Lab at PSU

Do biotech students ever sleep?  Between visiting a virology lab, learning how to culture African violets, and learning more about lab safety, it's been a busy week.

Bio-Link Program: 
Portland Community College

Widespread Contamination and Exam 1 Week

This week Jennifer's classwork takes it's toll on outside activities, decontamination continues, and we learn about YOLO and safety goggles.

Bio-Link Program: 
Portland Community College
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