Attending Bio-link for the first time

The 2012 Summer Fellows Forum is my first time attending a Bio-link conference.  So far, so good.  The workshops have been very interesting and I have enjoyed meeting others in Biotechnol

Troudt's presentation

Would  love to have a follow up session next  year to see how many actually used these tools and what were  their outcomes.

Bio-Link Program: 
St. Philip's College

Using a Spec to Work Cross Curricular-ly

On the right is one of our Spec-20D units that we use in cooperation with the chemistry teachers.

Palm Beach State College Lab

Students learn how to use a pH meter and how to adjust their solutions to the proper pH for an experiment.

Bio-Link Program: 
Palm Beach State College

robotic pipetting workstation

This is the coolest piece of equipment we have in the lab.

Bio-Link Program: 
Athens Technical College

St. Philip's College Biotech Pictures

Some pictures of our facility. 


Bio-Link Program: 
St. Philip's College
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