Josh comes to this Symposium with a job in hand

At Mesa Community College we are excited and so proud of the success of our students.  Joshua Darland came into the program as a pure vocational student.

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Mesa Community College

Minus 80 Freezer

One of the first things the students do is prepare a few batches of chemi-competent E. coli.

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Mesa Community College

Katon Gets In

Katon taught biology at a local high school for 12 years.  In August 2011 he took a 1-year leave of absence and enrolled in the Biotechnology Program at Mesa Community College with the explici

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Mesa Community College

Oklahoma City Community College (OCCC) Biotech Lab

This is the biotechnology laboratory at OCCC. We have limited enrollment to 10 students per class to ensure optimum skills training conditions.

Thinking about Core Competencies for Biotech

“Certification,” “core competencies,” “career ladders,” “credentialing,” “stackable credentials,” “accelerated learning”&hell

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Madison Area Technical College

Ocean science internships for community college students in Oregon, Washington, and Hawaii

The Center for Ocean Science Education Excellence (COSEE) has internship opportunities for community college students who are interested in developing research and outreach skills through a program

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