Finding the right words: searching for biotech jobs requires a variety of terms

Having worked around biotechnology for several years, I thought I was pretty familiar with biotech job descriptions.

About Our New Text: Laboratory Manual for Biotechnology and Life Sciences: The Basics

Last week, my colleagues and I were thrilled to receive copies of our newly published student laboratory manual, Laboratory Manual for Biotechnology and Laboratory Sciences: The Basics.

Bio-Link Program: 
Madison Area Technical College

What Biotech High School Students Want To Do

Listen to what Lincoln High School biotech students are interested in:

Bio-Link Depot videos

 Three new videos from the Depot's open house have been uploaded to Bio-Link's YouTube channel at: http://www.youtub

Tulsa Community College's science school makes the news

Tulsa World reports that high school and middle school teachers, from at least 24 school districts, are enthusiastically attending science school this summer at Tulsa Community College.

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