Math Education for the Real World: A Relevant Research Study

Ever wonder why students have a hard time with lab calculations?  Dr. Lisa Seidman discusses insights from current research. 

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Madison Area Technical College

Mind Over Acrylamide

Kristine tells us about the ins and outs of pouring acrylamide gels.

Summary: You Have Developed a Patentable Product on an ATE Grant. Now What?

Judith Fitzpatrick shared this interesting summary from a workshop that she organized for the ATE PI conference.

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Bergen Community College

Hurry Up and Wait

What can you do when you're doing column chromatography and dialysing your samples?  Kristine says it all...


Students From the Del Mar College Biotechnology Program Win Awards!

Biotech students Molly Robertson and M. Clayton Speed were awarded Student Awards for Excellence by the National Science Foundation in October 24, 2013. 

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Del Mar College
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