Books on Introductory Biotechnology

Books and other materials for biotechnology education are listed in categories below.  Select a category to see a list of titles and links to reviews.

Title Author(s) Publication datesort icon Reviewed by Used by
Biotechnology - Third Edition John E. Smith 1997 Jim DeKloe
The Cartoon Guide to Genetics - updated edition Larry Gonick and Mark Wheelis 1999 Jim DeKloe
Biotechnology: Demystifying the Concepts David Bourgaize, Thomas Jewell, Rodolfo Buiser 1999 Jim DeKloe
Abraham Lincoln's DNA and other Adventures in Genetics Philip Reilly 1999 Jim DeKloe
Molecular Biology Made Simple and Fun - Second Edition Lonnie Russell and David Clark 2000 Jim DeKloe
Biotechnology - Present Position and Future Developments Martina Newell McGloughlin and James I. Burke 2000 Jim DeKloe
Genome: The Autobiography of a Species in 23 Chapters Matt Ridley 2000 Jim DeKloe
Biotechnology - The Physiologic and Medical Application Wendell Zehel 2000
Understanding Biotechnology Aluizio Borem, Fabricio Santos, David Bowen 2002
DNA - The Secret of Life James D. Watson with Andrew Berry 2003 Jim DeKloe
Biotechnology Unzipped: Promises and Realities - Revised second edition Eric Grace 2006 Jim DeKloe

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