Biopharmaceuticals: Biochemistry and Biotechnology

Gary Walsh
J. Wiley Press
Publication date: 


ISBN 0471977896 (paper) - $69.95
ISBN 0471977888 (hardcover) - $150
This is the book that served as the text for Solano College's biotechnology lecture course. The main useful chapters are Chapter 2 (The drug development process) and Chapter 3 (The drug-manufacturing process), which are excellent. It is weak on upstream processes like fermentation and cell culture. Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 combine for 82 pages, which is like a small book, but the rest of the book covers particular proteins and protein classes so it is less useful for a general course (although it makes a useful reference.) Between these two Chapters, the book covers the basics of cell culture, cell banks, protein recovery and purification, formulation, filling and lyophilization, clean rooms, QC analysis and the equipment that performs it, pyrogen detection, protein degradation pathways, regulation by the FDA and international regulatory agencies, good manufacturing practice, pharmacopoeias, and the cleaning and sterilization of equipment. It contains many photographs of large scale fermentation and recovery equipment. It begins with a discussion of the production of traditional pharmaceuticals and later includes protein pharmaceuticals; this provides an interesting contrast between Big Pharma and biotech companies.

Reviewed by: 
Jim DeKloe

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