Research Specialist

Adam Jochem

Upon graduation from MATC I worked at Promega for a year in R&D. In 1996 I started at Chimerx, as a researcher and a laboratory manager.I desired a change from the industrial setting, and opted for an academic setting. In 2002 I took a molecular biology research position at the UW. I developed strength in my abilities through these experiences. I now work in research that specializes in the molecular biology of pancreatic and liver cancer and I am confident that this work will ultimately result in better understanding of these diseases.

BS Biology Edgewood 1999

Biotechnology Education

Biotechnology Program: 
Madison Area Technical College
Degree or certificate: 
Biotechnology Associates degree

Employer information

University of Wisconsin, School of Veterinary Medicine

Madison, WI

Employer description: 

The Department Faculty have numerous research programs with primary emphasis on infectious, neoplastic, and immune mediated diseases.They participate in collaborative research among faculty in the department, the Medical School, and the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences.

What does this job involve?

Job Description and Responsibilities: 

I use Molecular biology techniques to create transgenes that are injected into mouse oocytes. I then perform downstream protein and nucleic acid analysis of affected mouse tissue. The goal is to link up tissue specific promoters with oncogenes to study growth regulation. Genetically modified mice are made to study on three organ systems: liver, mammary gland, and pancreas.

Commonly Used Skills and Techniques: 

I work with a variety of academic professionals and graduate students. I take part in the training of new graduate students to expose them to the specifics of our research lab.I present material in lab meetings, contribute to the work in written communications and professional meetings.

Rewards and Challenges

What do you find most rewarding about this job?: 

We are doing something in our research lab that will hopefully benefit everybody. The work that I do results in different transgenic mice.These are useful to a larger research community working on understanding mouse physiology and in the broader sense cancer development.

What is the most challenging part of your job?: 

The job is very challenging and experimental success can be difficult to achieve. One needs to be persistent and keep the big picture in mind. Ultimately, an answer is found, but persistence and vigilance is key.

Other thoughts: 

Daily experience: What I enjoy most is that I have a flexible schedule.It varies quite a bit depending on what project I am involved with. Generally speaking I can be working on up to 4 or 5 different things in a day. I can interact with a number of different people in a day or no body depending on what needs to be done at the time.

Quote:  I enjoyed my seven years in industry, but am glad to be away from the corporate structure and working in a research environment at the UW. My education at MATC was incredibly instrumental to career success.



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