Software Development Analyst

Tania Behselich

I have eleven years of military, healthcare, science and technical experience. I worked at Epicenter Technologies as a Production Scientist/Production Manager. After relocation to Northern Wisconsin I could not find work in the Biotechnology field directly. My background in Biotechnology though, created a wealth of never-ending networks for me. In all of my job choices, it has made me a noticeable and memorable candidate and made me stand out from the rest.

B.A. Management and Communications,Concordia College

MBA American Intercontinental University

Currently working on PhD. in Business Administration at Kennedy Western University

Biotechnology Education

Employer information

Marshfield Clinic

Marshfield, WI

Employer description: 

Headquartered in Marshfield Wisconsin, the medical clinic one of the largest private, multi-specialty group practices in the United States. It employs 735 physicians in more than 80 medical specialties and subspecialties, as well as support personnel numbering over 5,835. Marshfield Clinic encompasses 39 Regional Centers.

Mid-State Technical College Adjunct Faculty Instructor

What does this job involve?

Job Description and Responsibilities: 

Development of Clinical Information, Systems, Submissions to JAMA, Tablet Deployment and Information Systems

Commonly Used Skills and Techniques: 

Computer skills, VB programming, power-point, MS Office Products
Personal Skills needed on the Job: Team Work, Problem Solving, Negotiating, Public Speaking, Public Relations, Leadership

Rewards and Challenges

What do you find most rewarding about this job?: 

I am on the cutting edge of healthcare and technologies. I am always problem-solving and looking for opportunities in technical writing and documentation

Other thoughts: 

Daily experiences: Always problem solving and looking for opportunities.

Quote:  Never sell yourself short - you should always be selling what you have to offer. If you don't have it - get it!


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