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Sweet Stuff for Science Buffs

Not unlike many students whom are perpetually task saturated throughout the term, I tend to catch up on my social media as soon as we break. In addition to my love for, I have quite a bit additional science nerdiness representing on my personal facebook and Google+ feeds.  So this week, I thought I would share some of those pages as well as some of my favorite Chrome apps and maybe (hopefully) find out what some of your favorites are too.

Cell Culture Technique on Facebook posts links to articles related to current topics in cell culture. Also adorning my Facebook news feed is Microbiology and Virology News as well as Microbiology and Immunology.  My personal favorite is Science is Seriously Awesome (actually, it’s their mirror page, but its name isn’t fit for mention here). This page is run by Elise Andrew and has all kinds of science memes and pictures like this one here of the fungal snowman. I believe fungal snowman came from another site though (  The snowman is made out of: Hat, Eyes, Mouth, Buttons: Aspergillus niger; Arms: Aspergillus nidulans; Nose: Aspergillus terreus with Penicillium marneffei; Body: Neosartorya.

Fungi the SnowmanAnd another fun one is Epic Lab Time which shared this image (below). It’s a quiz to see if you can name all of the scientists. I will attach the full size image again below.  I got about half of them. If you know who’s shown, state their number and name in the comments section below.

Switching gears to Google+, in addition to following Bio-link, (ahem) Star Wars and Doctor Who, I enjoy seeing posts by STEM on Google+, Citizen Science,  Science on G+, Science on Google+ and NASA. Overwhelmed yet? Here's the link to NASA Johnson Style in case you missed it.


Last week one of these culprits posted news about the continuing study with intestinal Enterobacter being linked to causing weight gain. In the post they indicated that a man had lost approximately 40kg in a reasonably short period of time when his diet was changed to make the environment inhospitable to Enterobacter in his gut. I’ve been trying to figure out how to manipulate my diet safely to try my own study!

Another community I’m checking out on Google+ is Resume and Interviewing Tips.  Pretty soon my applications for an internship will be going out and I’m confident I can use all the help I can get.  Since we’re on the topic of applications for internships, well jobs really, I discovered a Chrome app called Huntsy. 

Huntsy organizes the jobs you selected from job searches on various sites around the internet and then tasks you with follow up actions to stay on top of your job search and communications with potential future employers. It’s pretty slick!

I’m also exploring Civimi which is a hybrid resume generator with portfolio and project information. I haven’t gotten too far with it yet though so if anyone else out there has tried it please share your thoughts.

Hands down though, and by far, my favorite application on Chrome has been Quizlet. I’m actually a little bummed that I didn’t stumble across it before. I tend to study by using my notes to make up possible questions so I can trick my brain into finding different associations than the standard page memorizing recall. When I try to reread my notes over and over I retain almost nothing after the test. With Quizlet, you can search for your class and build off of the notes, quizzes and flash cards made by other members, or you can build your own, free. If you want to have some additional added features such as the ability to load your own images etc, Quizlet charges $15/yr.

Finally, I've been looking for an application that outperforms Google Calendar and Google Tasks for organizing my appointments, classes, tasks and studying. I've searched all over and I am not finding that mythical creature. It would be great to hear what others are using. Project management apps perhaps? 


I hope you have a Happy Holiday and a safe New Years Eve! 

Don't forget to share some of the apps or pages you use and like. :) 


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