Through the Agriculture Center of Excellence, Walla Walla Community College's Bioenergy Operations degree propgram prepares students to become Operators and Technicians that manage the safe and effective operations of facilities which convert biomass feedstocks into: fuel, biogas, electricity and heat, food/beverage products, soil amendments, & high value chemicals.

In Bioenergy Operations, the followings pathways can be pursued:

  1. two-year Applied/Workforce Associate Degree
  2. three quarter (9-month) Certificate
  3. Short Certificate series (core courses only)
  4. transfer degree in Life Sciences (with the core Bioenergy courses)  

All core Bioenergy courses are available on-line and have a hands-on lab intensive component.   The Bioenergy courses include: Introduction to Bioenergy; Biorefinery Processes; Biorefinery Equipment; Biorefinery Operations; Biomass Feedstock Management; Bio-Chemical Conversion; and Thermo-Chemical Conversion.  Supporting courses draw from Energy Systems Technology, Water Management, Agriculture, Engineering, Chemistry, and Biology.

Students focusing in Bioenergy Operations have the following possible career options:

•    Refinery Operator
•    Biofuels Processing Technician
•    Biomass Plant Technician
•    Stationary Engineer/Boiler Operator
•    Manufacturing Production Technician
•    Biomass Power Plant Manager
•    Biofuels Technology/Product Development Manager

There is also a three quarter (9-month) Certificate in Biomass Feedstock Management tied to the existing Agriculture Science and Technology program.  Graduates of this Certificate should plan to become Crew Supervisors/Coordinators that grow, manage, pre-process, and transport biomass feedstocks.


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