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Why join Bio-Link on LinkedIn?

For professional networking and resumé posting. Great for job searches, finding where classmates are working, and staying in touch.

How to get connected to Bio-Link on LinkedIn:

  1. Create a free account on LinkedIn:
  2. There are a couple of ways to locate Bio-Link on LinkedIn. The fastest and easiest way is to use the search box in the right corner of the screen. Because Bio-Link is a Group, you'll need to search under Groups. LinkedIn's default setting for searching is People. Click on the word People and you will see a drop-down menu of choices. Choose Groups and type in Bio-Link.

    Group search
    Image of search showing the drop down menu under "People." Choose Groups to search for Bio-Link. Note: if you search for Bio-Link using "People," you won't find Bio-Link.

  3. Bio-Link will be listed in the search results. Click on Bio-Link to go to the group page.
  4. Click on the yellow Join Group button.

    Join Group
    Image of Bio-Link on LinkedIn. Click the yellow Join Group button.

After you join, you will be listed as a member of Bio-Link. To view the member list, click on More and choose Members. (There are 2 More links on this page. Use More under the Bio-Link banner, not the More next to LinkedIn.)

Where to find Members list
This image shows the More link that has the link to Members.

Bio-Link LinkedIn's Discussions:

  • Go to Bio-Link (as described above).
  • Discussions are grouped by tab: click on the tab that interests you (e.g., discussions, news, jobs.)
  • Click on a posting and its thread appears. Use the comment box to post your message. If you want to be notified of a response in this discussion thread, click the "Follow this discussion" check box.

The links in the red box are areas for posting discussions, news, and jobs.

Returning to Bio-Link on LinkedIn at a later date:

  • Click on the Groups link on the top of your home page screen and choose My Groups or select Bio-Link if you see it listed further down on the list.
  • All of the groups you belong to will be listed. Click on Bio-Link.

    My Groups
    This image shows where to find My Groups. Either selecting My Groups or Bio-Link further down on the list will get you to Bio-Link.

Time-saving tips and other recommendations

  • If you receive an email from "LinkedIn" asking you to reset your password, delete the email and don't click on the link! LinkedIn never sends out email asking you to reset your password.
  • If you have a mobile phone such as an iPhone, download the free LinkedIn application. Using this mobile phone application can help you save time staying up-to-date while you are waiting in line at the grocery store, etc.
  • To access LinkedIn's Customer Service Center, go to: can type in a search phrase or browse their frequently asked questions.


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