TEA Biotechnology Meeting

Wednesday, June 26, 2013 - 8:00am - Thursday, June 27, 2013 - 5:00pm
Time Zone: 
Anderson High School
8401 Mesa Drive

Purpose: To host and conduct professional development workshops in biotechnology for high school educators to:

• Learn about the tools, foundational science, and applications of biotechnology;
• Encourage student interest in relevant science, technology, and careers;
• Support the new CTE Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Advanced Biotechnology in alignment with ACC Articulated Biology 1414, Introduction to Biotechnology

Workshop Participant Benefits

  • Professional Development Certificate by ACC Biotechnology Program
  • Access to literature, curriculum and media materials from Texas Education Agency and ACC Biotechnology High School Outreach Program
  • A CD or flash drive of materials presented at the workshop

Workshop Objectives

  • Workshop participants should learn:
    • The fundamental scientific concepts underlying biotechnology and relevant laboratory techniques
    •  Effective methods for teaching these scientific concepts and laboratory techniques in the classroom
    • Effective strategies for integrating workshop materials into participants courses
    • Hands-on laboratory activities that illustrate  concepts (if applicable)
    • Applications of the techniques and technologies related to the chosen topic (if appropriate)
    • Societal issues raised by the technologies (if applicable)

Workshop Site

  • Anderson High School Austin, Texas, 8403 Mesa Drive 78705
    • Laboratory used includes all equipment needed to run wet labs. This room is used to teach Biotechnology as an articulated/dual credit course throughout the school year and is fully equipped and in compliance with ACC Science safety regulations to accommodate up to 20 participants for performing wet labs. The room also has a class set of netbook computers, access to wireless printing, media station, projector and an innovation media station for presentations.



Please fill out the attached registration form, also see additional information and hotel information. There is no fee for the workshop but you will have to cover lodging and travel.

Contact person: 
Steven Spurlock
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