Description of programs

Certificate of Proficiency in biomanufacturing Skills (Fast track) 9 units - one semester

 Courses - Principles of Biotech lab class (2 units), Math for Lab scientists (3 units), Inorganic Chemistry Lecture and Lab (4 units)


Certificate of Achievement in Biomanufacturing(17 units) - two semesters

All of the above classes plus Principles of Biomanufacturing lecture class (3 units), Microbiology lecture and lab (5 units)

Associates of Science in Biomanufacturing Production - two years

All of the above classes plus the following and the General education Requirements as found in the Laney Catalogue

Lab classes - Good Laboratory practices (1 unit), Clean Room (1 unit), Biotech Instrumentation:PCR (1 unit), Quality Control (1 unit), Bioreactor Cell Culture and Protein Recovery (4 units)

Lecture Classes - Scientific Communication (3 units), Business and regulatory Practices (3 units)


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