Molecular Murder Mysteries and Other Science Games


This workshop will be Thursday morning in the Clark Kerr Computer lab, 8:45 am - 11:30 am.

Attendees will:

1.  Use Cn3D to solve a mystery and determine how the victim died.

      Practice skills with small protein - Download: pig insulin

      Structures at:


2.  Share favorite games for learning science and demonstrate them

3.  Discuss what makes games good and good for learning.


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Presenter affiliation: 
Bio-Link National Center

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Add your favorite science games below

Here are some that I like and that I know about:

Eyewire - a game to help scientists map connections in the brain

FoldIt - a game to help scientists solve molecular structures


More gaming links

RNA folding

phylogenetics & sequence alignment,

citizen science & identifying animals, galaxies, etc.

a portal of games,

immune attack (immunology)

Medical mysteries -

Illustrating scale

Nice animation from the Genetic Science Learning Center in Utah with a slider to show differences in size from coffee beans to atoms. Contributed by Jeff Rapp.


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