Forsyth Technical College Report on Biotech Grads' Outcomes Makes the News


Forsyth community college has been engaged in an interesting study for the past three years to find out what happens to biotechnology graduates.  In the third set of interviews, posted recently on the National Center for Biotechnology Workforce site, Forsyth alumni shared their perceptions of the skills needed to succeed and their wish list for courses they would like see offered.

In contrast to the local newspaper headlines, alumni thought both soft skills and hard skills were important.  In fact, at least one student though it be helpful for Forsyth Tech to offer the types of courses available at the Golden LEAF Biomanufacturing Training and Education Center (BTEC) at North Carolina State University.  This student was particularly impressed by BRITE's short courses in SOP's, Validation,  and Documentation. 

In terms of technical skills, students felt it would be helpful to have some kinds of technical certificates verifying their expertise in Laboratory Math, Solution Preparation, and Calibration of Laboratory Equipment (micropipettors and analytical balances). 

In terms of soft skills, alums thought it was important for all students to be proactive about managing their education.  They also felt that many of their classmates were surprised by the communication skills required in the professional world and suggested that if students were having trouble finding work, their lack of communication skills and the ability to prepare a concise, well-organized resume and interview well, might be responsible.

The report is attached.

ncbw.graduate.tracking.iii_.final_.3-02-11.pdf441.2 KB


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