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About the Biotechnology Academy

The Abraham Lincoln High School Biotechnology Academy was founded in 1995. Over the years we have grown from one section of 30 students to 5 sections of students, or about 180 each year. Our program emphasizes the applications, implications, and limitations of current biotechnology. Our courses train students in several laboratory techniques currently used in biotech labs throughout the world. We offer two years of biotech courses: POB I/II for sophomores, juniors and seniors, and POB III/IV for juniors and seniors who have completed the first year of our program. Many of our graduates are now employed by one of the 850 Biotech companies within commuting distance to San Francisco. Stop by room 22 to find out what it's all about!

Abraham Lincoln High School students will have the option of enrolling in a Biotechnology Career Academy which features a second year of biotechnology training. The new course, called Principles of Biotechnology III/IV, expands upon the concepts taught in the first year course. The new course is all projects based and will involve lab-work at the graduate school level of difficulty. The grading for the new course will also reflect graduate school, as assessment involves experimentation, demonstrating a list of competencies required in the biotechnology industry, and a lot of writing. Some of the projects students will do include sub-cloning genes, purifying proteins, and sequencing their own DNA.

The academy in biotechnology will provide ALHS students with advanced training that could lead directly to employment with a high school diploma. The great majority of ALHS graduates go on to a two-year or four-year undergraduate degree to work for this industry at a higher level and starting salary. City College of San Francisco offers an excellent two-year accreditation in Biotechnology, and 96% of their graduates are finding employment in the biotech industry. Many local companies will partially pay their employees'  tuition if they go to night school to finish their four year degree. Genentech for example will pay up to $12,000 annually for tuition and books. With the rising costs of a college education, this alternative is very attractive to many students.

Student Project: Modeling a Biotechnology Company

George Cachianes talks about the project in this 1 minute video:

Interested in adopting this project for your class?

Feel free to download and modify the attached project files for your own use. (File format is PDF).

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