Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Daan J. A. J. Crommelin, Robert D. Sindelar
Gordon and Breach Publishing
Publication date: 


ISBN 9057022494, latest edition:
The authors wrote this excellent book to inform pharmacists and other members of that industry about the drugs that are produced by the biotechnology field. Solano College tried to use this as their text during Fall semester 2002, but the publisher informed us that it had gone out of print. This book has Chapters on protein structure and general biochemistry, on fermentation and cell culture, on downstream protein purification processes, on formulation (a subject difficult to find materials), and on drug delivery and pharmacokinetics (again, these are areas where it is difficult to find references.) Its last Chapters cover specific pharmaceutical proteins like insulin, hematopoietic growth factors, deoxyribonuclease, tissue plasminogen activator, growth hormone, monoclonal antibodies, and vaccines. It also has a Chapter on professional education. Again, it was formally listed as out of print. It is available in small numbers, and I thought that it might be suitable as a text, but ultimately decided against it.

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Jim DeKloe


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