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With an A.A. or B.S. degree in a science-related discipline you can become part of a biotechnology company's workforce. Students who graduate from our programs operate laboratories for the researchers, run manufacturing processes, or ensure quality control. Skills needed include a basic science education and basic lab skills. Additional skills include math, teamwork, good communication skills and a good work ethic.

Typical jobs held by entry level biotechnology workers:Lab Assistant, Animal Technician, Manufacturing, Technician, Packaging Operator

Examples of more specialized roles after additional education and/or on-the-job experience include: Customer Service, Technical Service, Research Associate, Clinical Research Associate, Process Development Associate, Quality Control Tech, Quality Assurance, Manufacturing Associate

San Diego Miramar College has stand alone classes as well as certificate and Associate Degree programs in Applied Biology

Courses: Introduction to Biotechnology (Bio 131) -- Industry Overview with the basic biology and lab skills.  Introduction to the Biotechnology Lab (Bio 134) -- Industry overview with lab skills.

Certificates: Certificate of Completion in Biotechnology Molecular Biology Track -- Students take Bio 132 (Applied Biotechnology I) and Bio 133 (Applied Biotechnology II) to complete this certificate). Certificate of Completion in Biotechnology Analytical Chemistry Track (Students take Bio 132 and Chem 251 to complete this certificate).

Certificates are intended to provide students with skills to meet entry-level employment requirements.

Degrees:  Associate in Science in Applied Biology

Need a refresher course or skill update?  These are available as well.

For more information about which option is best for you.

Contact: Dr. Sandra Slivka at sslivka@sdccd.edu or 619-388-7490

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