SLCC Biomanufacturing

What Is The Biomanufacturing Program

The Biomanufacturing Program is offered through SLCC's Biotechnology Department, and provides specific and focused training for entry-to mid-level positions at companies that manufacture biotechnological products.  Examples of such products are biofuels, dietary supplements, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and proteins or organic compounds purified from cells.  The manufacturing processes for these products are typically very technical in nature.

Through a hands-on approach, students will learn industry-specific skills necessary to be a proficient worker right from the start.  A few examples of the skills taught through this program are:
   - Production processes and procedures
   - Safety
   - Quality systems and management
   - Federal and international regulations
   - Equipment maintenance and troubleshooting
   - Good documentation practices
   - Good manufacturing practices (GMP)
Additionally, students will learn critical soft skills such as:
   - Effective communication 
   - Effective team working/building, especially with coworkers in other groups or departments 
   - Problem solving 
   - Leadership

How Does This Program Compair To Others Around the U.S.

The Biomanufacturing Program is a unique career and technical education program in Utah aimed at training college and high school students for entry- to mid- level production worker positions in the biotechnology industry.  It prepares students very well for immediate hands-on work in critical, high-impact industries in a way no other general manufacturing training program can.  A core focus of the Biomanufacturing Program is on quality systems & regulations as they relate to the biotechnology manufacturing industry.  One of the Program’s most exciting features is its many project-based learning and internship opportunities, which are tightly woven into the program’s structure and enhance the regular course work.
Several biomanufacturing programs are offered at other community/technical colleges across the nation, especially colleges tied to biotechnology training centers such as those in California, the Midwest, New England, and North Carolina.  What makes SLCC’s program special is a new hands-on practical experience in the form of a student-run manufacturing enterprise (funded by a NSF ATE grant DUE-1003292).  This enterprise will give students an opportunity to learn, apply, and reinforce life science-related quality and    regulatory concepts & skills, as well as allow them to experience working in a good manufacturing practices (GMP) and regulatory compliant environment.  Students exiting this program should have developed the competence and confidence necessary to have a successful career in this industry.


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