Vision and Change: Opening Session II - Linnea Fletcher and Yolanda George


Yolanda George, Deputy and Program Director, Education and Human Resources, American Association for the Advancement of Science and Linnea Fletcher, Program Officer, National Science Foundation presented the recommendations of the Vision and Change Process. These files contain the introduction from Linnea Fletcher and talk by Yolanda George.

photo credit: Stan Kikkert, Mesa Community College


vision_and_change_Linnea_Fletcher.ppt3.77 MB
Bio-Lnk.Vision__Change_Yolanda_George_part_1.ppt3.54 MB
Bio-Lnk.Vision__Change_Yolanda_George_part_2.ppt7.84 MB
Bio-Lnk.Vision__Change_Yolanda_George_part_3.ppt3.27 MB
Bio-Lnk.Vision__Change_Yolanda_George_part_4.ppt7.35 MB


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