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In 2016, the Community College Consortium for Bioscience Credentials, funded by a Department of Labor grant, published a set of core technical skills and competencies that are held in common ... Read more
Together CRISPR and Cas provide bacteria with an adaptive immune system that allows them to identify and defend against new viral invaders. While characterizing the basic biology of this system, ... Read more
Bio-Link goes to the movies! A Bio-Link webinar Learning how to navigate within a biopharmaceutical quality system isn’t something that can be taught easily in a classroom. The stakes are ... Read more
Panelists discussed: How to start a CSO using existing infrastructure; Using a CSO experience to prepare students for the biotech workforce, Where to find funding, The path from CSO to ... Read more
Issue date: 
October, 2016
  • Bio-Link's 18th Annual Summer Fellow Forum
  • HI-TEC 2016 Highlights
  • Robots, Networks, and Tweets:  A Report from HI-TEC 2016
  • Interactive Video Production is Released
  • AC2 and the Importance of Community Building
  • Graduate Student Expertise Enhances Learning
  • Bio-Link Launches Webinar Series
Issue date: 
January, 2017
  • Making a difference, differently
  • Bio-Link Webinar:  Contract Research at Community Colleges
  • From Ground-breaking to Grand Opening
  • Summer Fellows Opportunities open soon
  • Innovation Challenge deadline February 15th
  • Internship Deadlines are just days away!
  • Spotlight on Bio-Link Web resources
  • Upcoming Events
Issue date: 
December, 2016
  • Funding Successes for Bio-Link Programs
  • Check out our Educational Interactive Video!!
  • The Bio-Link Depot has been cloned
  • Internship Deadlines are coming up soon
  • Spotlight on Bio-Link Web resources
  • Upcoming Events
Issue date: 
October, 2016
  • Amgen Virtual Tour of Manufacturing Facility
  • Bioinformatics for Instructors
  • Stem Cell Workshops were exciting in the Summer of 2016!
  • Bio-Link goes to the Movies! Webinar Oct. 21st
  • Apply now for Mentor-Connect
  • NIH Community College Day is October 28th
  • Look for Bio-Link and AC2  at NABT Nov 3rd-6th
  • Learn about Bio-Link at NSTA, in Portland Oregon
  • Biology Faculty Opening at Montgomery College
  • Spotlight on Bio-Link Web resources
  • Upcoming Events