2011 AAAS Community College Forum on Biotechnology Education

Thu, Feb 17 2011 to Fri, Feb 18 2011

Preregister now (!) for a one day forum on Community College Biotechnology Education sponsored by the AAAS and Bio-Link.

The day-long session will highlight cutting edge curriculum and innovative partnerships between college and industry and include plenary panels, poster sessions, and small group discussions.

Organizer: Yolanda George, AAAS Education and Human Resources Co-Organizer: Elaine A. Johnson, Bio-Link Moderator: Shirley M. Malcom, AAAS Education and Human Resources From the ... Read more
Karen Hicks talks about her companies experience with hiring biotechnology graduates from community colleges and describes the traits and skills that her company looks for in employees. Read more
Dr. Bill Tacon discusses the biotechnology industry in Ohio , the need for biotechnicians and partnerships between industry and the state community colleges. Ohio Bioworkforce Training Partnership Read more
In California, stem cells are a new type of gold. The growing importance of stem cells in medical and biotechnological research means that there are growing numbers of jobs for students who are trained in this area. Learn about the industry, the opportunities, and the Stem Cell Certification program from Dr. Paul Raju, City College of San Francisco. Read more
Dr. Collins Jones talks about the biotechnology education program at Montgomery College in Germantown, MD. Read more
Dr. Jay Labov, from the National Academy of Sciences and National Research Council, talks about how undergraduate biology education must change to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Read more
Dr. Robert Hatherill describes his experiences bringing students to work in national labs through the FaST program, presents data that demonstrate the impact of undergraduate research on student learning and discusses other Department of Energy programs that provide internship opportunities for both students and faculty. Read more
Dr. Laurence Clement and Jeanette Wright, a City College of San Francisco student, talk about the Bridge to Biotechnology. Read more
Dr. Carol Brewer talks about Vision and Change in undergraduate biology education. Read more
Dr.'s Lisa Seidman and Jeanette Mowery discuss about the importance of making sure students are well-versed in the basics. After all, no one wants to hire a biotechnician who doesn't understand how to use a pH meter. Read more
What is nanotechnology? How are nanotechnology and biotechnology alike? Deb Newberry, Director of the Nano-Link program at Dakota County Technical College, MN, talks about the exciting area where nanotechnology and biotechnology converge. Read more