InnovATEBIO Biomanufacturing Workshop 2

Thu, Jun 3 2021 to Fri, Jun 4 2021

This biomanufacturing workshop was the second of 2 sessions. The first virtual biomanufacturing workshop was hosted by the AC2 Bio-Link Regional Center in December 2020. View presentations from the AC2 Biomanufacturing Workshop

In this second virtual session, curriculum experts and industry representatives talked about manufacturing monoclonal antibodies, cell and gene therapy, teaching supply chain concepts, biotech skill standards ... Read more

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Presenters : Ira “Ike” Levine, Professor, Natural & Applied Sciences, University of Southern Maine Schonna R. Manning, Research Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Austin Read more
BioMADE J. L. (Clem) Fortman – Director of Program Management, BioMADE Biotech Manufacturing at Twist Bioscience Kum Ming Woo - Director of Manufacturing at Twist Bioscience Read more