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Fri, May 13 2016

Are you interested in Biotechnology workforce education? This second Bio-Link webinar will focus on Bio-Link's popular website:

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The biotech industry has been growing faster than other areas of the US economy. Biotech positions offer good salaries and benefits, interesting work, and opportunities for advancement. Nevertheless, many biotechnology education programs struggle with student recruitment. Two contributing factors ... Read more

Thu, Apr 7 2016 to Sat, Apr 9 2016

The Worthington Regional Bio-Science Conference is a great opportunity to connect with Animal and Plant based bio-science practitioners in the Tri State region of South Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota. In addition to learning the latest in the field you will be able to network and build enduring relationships with your colleagues and see firsthand what opportunities are available to help progress your research and your business.

Talks at this year's conference will focus on Avian Flu, water quality, education, and job training.

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Fri, Apr 1 2016

Are you interested in Biotechnology workforce education? Looking for materials to use in your class? Joining the Bio-Link network will help you learn more about biotechnology and connect you with individuals who have similar interests. In this webinar, you will learn about the benefits of joining Bio-Link, learn about Bio-Link's online resources including, the Bio-Link website, Courses in a Box, and the Bio-Link Curriculum Clearinghouse. We will also introduce the new AC2 Bio-Link Regional Center and discuss current projects such as the Bioscience Skill Standards ... Read more

Mon, Mar 21 2016 to Fri, Mar 25 2016

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Researchers working in the areas of energy and environmental genomics and synthetic biology, as well as current and potential future users of the DOE Joint Genome Institute. The program will feature international speakers on a range of exciting topics, but will also provide opportunities to interact with JGI users supported through the JGI Community Science Program.

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Fri, Feb 12 2016 to Sat, Feb 13 2016

International Collaborations that Promote Workforce Development and Address Global Concerns

The AAAS Community College Forum will highlight international collaboration on educational programs moving beyond national boundaries to share knowledge and address pressing global concerns. The focus of this forum is on local workforce preparation and sharing strategies that further education for technical and scientific careers. Community college-based programs and educators play a vital role in preparing post-secondary students for entry ... Read more

Tue, Oct 20 2015 to Sun, Oct 25 2015
Tue, Jun 16 2015 to Wed, Jun 17 2015
12th Annual Community College Program

Sessions and Speakers

CCP@BIO 2015 in Philadelphia, PA ... Read more

Sun, May 31 2015 to Sat, Jun 6 2015

Each year Bio-Link Fellows from across the nation travel to the Clark Kerr Campus (CKC) in Berkeley, CA to learn about the latest practices in biotechnology education . Come join us!

At the Bio-Link National Summer Fellows Forum , participants will learn new skills and techniques, examine and test exemplary curriculum models and course materials, engage in dialog about ethical, legal, and social issues in biotechnology and learn how to disseminate this information ... Read more

Mon, Mar 23 2015 to Sat, Mar 28 2015

Collaborating with 12 community colleges and Bio-Link, the DNALC is offering a five-day Genomic Approaches in BioSciences Workshop. Participants will utilize cutting-edge science tools in hands-on laboratories and bioinformatics investigations, and deepen awareness of rewarding careers for their students. Participants will update their pedagogy while networking with biotech leaders and colleagues. A continuum of faculty from secondary education, 2-year colleges, and universities are invited to apply. The National Science Foundation, Division of Undergraduate Education's Advanced ... Read more

Thu, Feb 12 2015 to Tue, Feb 17 2015

The AAAS Annual Meeting is interdisciplinary and inclusive. Each year, thousands of leading scientists, engineers, educators, policymakers, and journalists gather together to discuss recent developments in science and technology. The theme of the 2015 Annual Meeting is "Innovations, Information and Imaging." Science and technology are being transformed by new ways to collect and use information. Progress in all fields is increasingly driven by the ability to organize, visualize, and analyze data.

A pre-conference session on ... Read more