Past Events

Fri, May 12 2017

Third party certification & entry-level certificates in biotechnology

There is a growing interest on the part of states in ensuring that students enrolled in vocational programs are prepared for entry-level positions. Third-party certification exams provide a mechanism where students can demonstrate proficiency and readiness to enter the workforce. Industry-validated certificates are particularly appealing since the industry review process ensures that the exams cover skills and knowledge that align with industry needs.

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Fri, Apr 21 2017 to Sat, Apr 22 2017

The AC2 Research Mentoring Workshop will highlight strategies to embed research into class experiences within AC2 partner institutions and to foster a national mentoring network for broader implementation of undergraduate research. The focus of this workshop will include evidence-based teaching and learning, undergraduate research as a recruiting/retention/persistence tool, the challenges, and extraordinary student outcomes of implementing research in the undergraduate classrooms of two-year campuses. A benefit of research mentoring is that it enables two-year students to successfully ... Read more

Fri, Apr 7 2017

This workshop provides participants with the opportunity to: 1) Learn about grant programs of interest to community and technical colleges at the National Science Foundation, 2) Hear from current Principal Investigators on tips and strategies for planning and developing a proposal, and 3) Participate on a mock review panel using a currently funded proposal.


By the end of the program, participants will:

Become familiar with NSF programs

Learn strategies for developing a robust proposal

Gain an understanding of the merit review ... Read more

Fri, Apr 7 2017 to Sun, Apr 9 2017

In 2012, Bio-Link organized a summit in St. Louis, MO, to discuss the role of community colleges in stimulating economic development and providing students with workforce experience. Representatives from several Bio-Link programs; InnovaBIO (Salt Lake Community College), St. Louis Community College Florrissant Valley, Pasadena City College, and the Florida State College at Jacksonville; discussed their models for providing student work experiences and their methods for supporting local industry.

In spring, we will revisit those findings and learn more about creative ... Read more

Thu, Apr 6 2017 to Sat, Apr 8 2017

The Worthington Regional Bio-Science Conference is a great opportunity to connect with Animal and Plant based bio-science practitioners in the Tri State region of South Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota. In addition to learning the latest in the field you will be able to network and build enduring relationships with your colleagues and see firsthand what opportunities are available to help progress your research and your business.

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Fri, Feb 17 2017 to Sat, Feb 18 2017

In 2016, the Community College Consortium for Bioscience Credentials, funded by a Department of Labor grant, published a set of core technical skills and competencies that are held in common across the bioscience industry subsectors of Bioscience Laboratory Skills, Biomanufacturing, and Medical Devices. Consortium partners recognized the need to focus skill standards efforts on fundamentals that all entry-level bioscience technician would need in order to succeed, regardless of industry subsector, geographic location or individual job description. This webinar will discuss how these new ... Read more

Fri, Jan 27 2017
This panel will explore activities for giving students authentic work opportunities at community colleges through contract research, contract services and college-run incubators. Panelists will discuss: How to start a CSO using existing infrastructure; Using a CSO experience to prepare students for the biotech workforce, Where to find funding, The path from CSO to incubator, Opportunities for partnering with companies that can market some of the products produced in a CSO, and lastly, Achieving sustainability Moderator : Sulatha Dwarakanath, Speakers : Tyler ... Read more
Mon, Jan 23 2017 to Wed, Jan 25 2017

Come have a BLAST in our bioinformatics course for instructors!

The biotechnology program at Austin Community College is planning to offer a special section of our bioinformatics course for instructors. This section of the course will be specifically designed for people who are interested in learning how to teach this class.

This course is designed an introduction to using bioinformatics for students who have taken at least one class in biology and chemistry. We cover databases, molecular structures, molecular sequence analysis, and genetic variation. ... Read more

Thu, Nov 10 2016 to Fri, Nov 11 2016

Session Type: Presentation
Summary : Dr. Sandra Porter will discuss the benefits of participating in Bio-Link, a national community of industry partners and biotech educators at two-year colleges and high schools.

Description : The biotechnology industry has grown substantially in the past 14 years and become a major contributor to the U.S. economy. Numerous job opportunities have accompanied this growth, especially for entry-level workers with specialized certificates or a two-year biotech degree. In ... Read more

Thu, Nov 3 2016 to Sun, Nov 6 2016

Are you attending the NABT conference? Bio-Link and the AC2 Bio-Link Regional Center will be sharing a booth and a giving a presentation.

Come stop by our booth and say hello!

Attend the Bio-Link talk : Friday, Nov. 4th, 2-3:15 pm in Plaza Court 4

How to Give Your Students the Best of Everything in Biotechnology
Plaza Court 4 • Biotechnology •Symposium (75 min) •

Biotechnology is exciting, but challenging to teach on your own. Bio-Link is a 20-year old network of colleges and high schools that share information, curriculum, and ... Read more