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Biotechnology transforms knowledge that emerges from life science research into technology, the creation of products of value to people. Beginning biotechnology students therefore need to develop a strong foundation in laboratory science that is integrated with an ... Read more

Cases in Industry Practice in Biotechnology (CIPB)

Authors : V. Celeste Carter and Kristen Hershbell Charles

These instructional materials were developed in collaboration with industry partners ... Read more

This course introduces the basic concepts involved in the separation of molecules. The purpose of this course is to give students a basic understanding of the basic underlying physico-chemical principles of the chromatographic process. It covers the principles governing chromatographic ... Read more

These instructional materials were developed with support from the National Science Foundation and have been used in embryonic stem cell courses at Stanford and at San Francisco State University. Materials include Laboratory Protocols for both mouse and human embryonic stem cells, Lectures, ... Read more

Welcome to the Hazardous Materials course-in-a-box. This course is not designed as a safety training course. The educational philosophy of this course, like that of most of the courses in the Biotechnology Laboratory Technician Program, is that properly educated technical students will have the ... Read more

Bench work in the biotechnology laboratory requires that technicians possess certain fundamental math skills and the ability to apply these skills. Beginning biotechnology students often need a "refresher" of basic algebra, scientific notation, logarithms and graphing. They also need practice ... Read more

This course, from City College San Francisco, teaches the techniques necessary to maintain mammalian cells in culture. The course includes a laboratory exercise using mouse embryonic stem cells (takes 3 weeks to complete). Laboratory exercises provide instruction in basic techniques of routine ... Read more

Survey of Quality, Regulations, and Standards for Biotechnology

This Course-in-a-Box is about teaching quality and regulatory affairs. "Quality" products in this context means products that are suitable for their intended use and are free of defects and ... Read more