Past Events

Sun, Jun 26 2011 to Mon, Jun 27 2011

Community College at BIO is an annual event with a full day of presentations on the wonderful things going on in community college biotechnology programs.

8:00 to 8:30am OPENING REMARKS - Regenerative Medicine "Today & Tomorrow"

John Ludlow, PhD , Senior Director Process Research & Assay Development, Tengion, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Dr. Ludlow has been with Tengion since 2005. After spending 10 years conducting tumor suppressor research at the University of Rochester (NY), Dr. Ludlow went ... Read more

Mon, Jun 20 2011 to Sat, Jun 25 2011

Collaborating with 12 community colleges and Bio-Link, the DNA Learning Center (DNALC) is offering week-long Genomic Approaches in BioSciences workshops.

Workshop participants will explore cutting-edge science tools, hands-on laboratories,
bioinformatic investigations, and careers. Participants will update their pedagogy while
networking with biotech leaders and colleagues. Faculty from secondary education, 2-
year colleges, and universities are invited to apply. The National Science Foundation,
Division of Undergraduate Education's Advanced ... Read more

Thu, Jun 16 2011 to Sat, Jun 18 2011

The Texas Education Agency and Austin Community College Biotechnology Program have collaborated to offer a professional development opportunity for high school science, health science, agriculture, and STEM Career and Technical Education (CTE) teachers in the state of Texas. The training includes the cutting edge in biotechnology information and discoveries, through online delivery, podcasts, and a capstone laboratory-based Summer Institute held at sites throughout the state.

The Summer Institutes are a fun way to learn how to do biotechnology experiments that can be used in high ... Read more

Mon, Jun 13 2011 to Sat, Jun 18 2011
Mon, Jun 6 2011 to Sat, Jun 11 2011

Every year Bio-Link fellows from across the nation travel to Berkeley, CA to learn about the latest practices in biotechnology education.

At the Forum , participants will learn new skills and techniques, examine and test exemplary curriculum models and course material, engage in dialogue about ethical, legal, and social issues in biotechnology and learn how to disseminate this information within their own regions. Fellows are expected to implement new strategies into their own programs, to lead regional staff development activities, and provide prompt response to ... Read more

Tue, May 24 2011 to Wed, May 25 2011

The ATE grant writing webinar and an evaluation form are now available on-line.

Presenter : Dr. Linnea Fletcher recently completed a two-year term as a National Science Foundation program officer in the Division of Undergraduate Education. Dr. Fletcher is now a Co-PI on Bio-Link.

The May 24th webinar is now on-line, you can access it here:

WEBINAR EVALUATION We would also really appreciate it, if you could take ... Read more
Thu, Feb 24 2011 to Sat, Feb 26 2011
Thu, Feb 17 2011 to Fri, Feb 18 2011

Preregister now (!) for a one day forum on Community College Biotechnology Education sponsored by the AAAS and Bio-Link.

The day-long session will highlight cutting edge curriculum and innovative partnerships between college and industry and include plenary panels, poster sessions, and small group discussions.

Organizer: Yolanda George, AAAS Education and Human Resources Co-Organizer: Elaine A. Johnson, Bio-Link Moderator: Shirley M. Malcom, AAAS Education and Human Resources From the ... Read more
Fri, Feb 4 2011 to Mon, Feb 7 2011

4 days left to register!

This February workshop will introduce teachers to the introductory curriculum strand developed through the NSF bio-itest project.

This curriculum is designed primarily for high school teachers and focuses on using bioinformatics tools to explore questions around testing for one of the breast cancer susceptibility genes (BRCA1).

Drafts of the introductory and advanced curriculum may be downloaded from ... Read more

Mon, Aug 23 2010 to Thu, Aug 26 2010

The Amgen-Bruce Wallace Biotechnology Lab Program is an educational outreach program that provides equipment, curriculum assistance and supplies to high schools and colleges.

The program integrates:

hands-on, inquiry-based molecular biology curriculum, extensive teacher support, the excitement of scientific discovery, relevant curricula, tools and techniques, and the introduction of a wide range of career opportunities in science.

Aligned with National and State Science Education Standards, the program supports the goal of achieving scientific literacy. The program not only ... Read more