Event: Hi-TEC conference

1. What social media tools does Bio-Link use? Bio-Link uses a List Serve, Facebook, LInkedIn, RSS, and Twitter to reach out and communicate with our community. Reach out to industry, students, and alumni, post and share jobs, poll & get feedback from biotech community post updates, share pictures, info People can subscribe to our blogs and site via RSS Post links to news items Send email More info in the Bio-Link Guide to Social Media 2. Shared note taking with Twitter: JGI Sequencer meeting ISB Symposium on microbiome: 3. Tweet chat examples: Science education journal club: #SciTeachJC 4. ... Read more
Slide presentations and materials from the 2012 High Impact Technology Exchange Conference , July 23-26 in Denver, CO. Presentations will be posted as they become available. Image source : Hi-TEC Read more

Event: 9th Annual Community College Program Day at BIO2012

Moderator: Lisa Seidman, Madison Area Technical College, WI Teaching for the Always-Evolving Biotechnology Workplace from bio-link Speakers: Vivian Ngan-Winward (SLCC), Ryan Gilmore (BioNetwork Analytical Training Lab, NC), Jeanette Mowery (MATC), Linnea Fletcher (ACC) Two year biotechnology departments have developed various innovative programs such as student-led contract research and contract manufacturing organizations, research projects, business incubators, and more. At first glance, these programs seem discordant. But, perhaps they provide similar benefits to students preparing for a complex and changing workplace. This session will explore several innovative instructional models, asking ... Read more
Slide presentations and materials from the 9th Annual Community College Program Day at BIO2012. This event is scheduled for Monday, June 18th. Presentations will be posted as they become available. Image source : S. Porter Read more

Event: 2012 Bio-Link Summer Fellows Forum

Presenter : Sheryl Denker & Denmark Group: Mads Tvillingaard Bonde, Tobias Dam & Michael Bodekaer Dr. Sheryl Denker, Senior Program Advisor for the BayBio Institute spoke about the project to develop the next generation of standards for K-12 science education. Next Generation Science Standards june2012 from bio-link Michael Bodekaer, Mads Bonde, and Tobias Aaby Dam presented Labster , , an on-line environment for performing virtual labs. Read more
Earlier this spring, you shared lots of ideas when we asked for your suggestions for topics for the Summer Fellows Forum . We think quite a few of these topics would make good Birds of a Feather (BOF) sessions. Here they are below: Using Kickstarter to fund projects Growing a program Quantifying "Good Hands" Social networks + mobile technologies Class management and teaching challenges Teaching & working in a regulated environment Developing state standards If you would like to lead one of these ... Read more
Presenters : Lisa Seidman & Jeff Rapp Reference material : Lisa Seidman's power point presentation from the 2012 Southern California Biotechnology Conference Read more
Presenters: Farah Movahedzadeh Read the publication: Project-Based Learning to Promote Effective Learning in Biotechnology Courses Read more
Presenters : John Carrese & Laurence Clement Background reading on the Bridge to Biotechnology Read more
Presenter : Sandra Porter Preparation : Get Cn3D Schedule : Part I. Get Cn3D going A. Download 1NAJ.cn3 Turn structures Move structures without turning Make structures bigger / smaller Change rendering style Change coloring style Show and hide parts of a structure Make color key B. Become familiar with Cytochrome Oxidase C Look at chains - how many? try different coloring styles - what do you see? Look at active site rendering style tubes, coloring ... Read more
Presenter : Holly Kerby, MATC Learn more about Fusion Science Theatre Read more
Presenters : Edie Kaeuper, Carin Zimmerman, Golnar Afshar, George Cachianes, Bill Woodruff & Samantha Croft Farmer The presenters will discuss their work using stem cell technology in their courses. Slides from all the presentations are combined into the single presentation shown below. Read more
Presenter : Linnea Fletcher An increasing number of venues have appeared where community college instructors can begin to publish the findings from their grant projects and other types of educational research. Dr. Fletcher will discuss why publications are important to your funding agency and the community as a whole and work with the attendees to discuss ideas for publications and the publication process. Community College & Publishing from bio-link View more presentations from bio-link . To prepare for this workshop, you may wish to consult the following open access venues where you might publish: CBE Life Sciences Education PLoS Biology Education Series Read more
Presenter : Jeanette Mowery will lead the discussion. Certification has been a long-standing discussion topic in the biotech education world and we may be getting close to seeing it happen. Jm fellows cert_2012_final from bio-link View more presentations from bio-link . Three months ago, we polled our LinkedIn group to survey their thoughts on certification. Twenty six people commented on both the positive and negative aspects of certificiation. You can read the comments here What do you think about ... Read more
From Vivian Ngan-Winward, Salt Lake Community College : Hello Everyone, I wrote an article about STUDENTfacturED, the new student-run contract manufacturing organization that was launched Spring 2012 semester at Salt Lake Community College, and have posted the electronic file here as a reference for anyone who want to use it. This article was published in the Fall 2011 issue of QED News, the American Society for Quality Education Division Newsletter. I have subsequently expanded this article into a chapter that was published last month (May 2012): STUDENTfacturED: A Biomanufacturing Classroom Enterprise for Innovative Student Training in Quality & Regulations , ... Read more
Damon Tighe, Jeannie Spagnolo & Ingrid Miller from the Bio-Rad team will help participants practice their electrophoresis skills. Read more
Presenters : Candiya Mann (Bio-Link Evaluator), WSU, and Holly Kerby (MATC) Bio-Link Evaluator Candiya Mann will talk about the National Survey and the landscape of bioscience programs today. Read more
Presenters : Elaine Johnson , Bio-Link Director, and Bio-Link Co-PIs: Bart Gledhill , Linnea Fletcher , Sandra Porter and Lisa Seidman The group will discuss Bio-Link's mission, review the past year, and present plans for the upcoming year. Director sff 12 from bio-link View more presentations from bio-link . Surfing the wave 2012 from bio-link View more presentations from bio-link . Read more

Event: SCBC and Bio-Link Conference January 13-14 2012

Presenter: Dr. Gloria Rodriguez-Banuelos, San Diego City College, San Diego, CA Dr. Gloria Rodriguez-Banuelos discussed coaching students in creating a professional development stratagy. Read more
Presenter: Levar Watkins, Job Works, San Diego, CA Levar Watkins discussed the benefits of working with your local Workforce Development Organization. Read more