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Fri, Apr 10 2020
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Thu, Apr 9 2020
Coomassie stained gel

Antibodies are one of the most common products made by biotech companies. They can be used to block viral infections and treat many forms of cancer. But first, we need to grow the cells that make them (biomanufacturing - upstream processing) and then, we need to purify them (downstream processing).

In this week's Friday webinar, Dr. Margaret Bryans will tell us about an on-line module from Montgomery County Community College for biomanufacturing where students learn about downstream ... Read more

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Sandra Porter
Virtual single use biomanufacturing home page
Fri, Mar 27 2020
Virtual Cell Counting lab

Dr. Bruce Van Dyke, Quincy College, MA, will talk about the on-line system he and Yakov Cherner developed for introducing students to concepts in upstream single-use biomanufacturing. Funding for this project was provided by the National Science Foundation's ATE program, through ATE project grant DUE 1902673, and from a U.S. Department of Labor TAACCT grant.

Registration is closed, but check back, we will be posting materials on-line soon. Read more

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