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Bio-Link Connection October 2012

  • Bio-Link’s 14th Annual Summer Fellows Forum
  • From the Director:  Third year as a Center of Excellence!
  • Synergy Project:  Lessons Learned
  • Bio-Link Summit Report 2012
  • HI-TEC 2012 Hi-lights
  • The STEM Virtual Enterprise Reality Series
  • Fellows Forum Highlights
  • Forsyth Technical Community College and consortium receive nearly $15 million
  • Why
  • From High School to Graduate School: Defining Pathways to a Career in the Biomedical Industry
  • ACC hosts $Protein is the Cash$
  • Book Review:  Career Pathway s for STEM Technicians
  • Biotechnology Texas Skills Handbook Posted on Bio-link Website
Issue date: October 2012

Bio-Link Connection May 2012

  • CCSF/Bio-Link Student Receives Scholarship to Attend and Present at 18th Annual ATE-PI Conference
  • 2011 ATE/PI Conference:  21st Century Leadership:  Overcoming Barriers and Boundaries
  • From the Director:  The Fellows Forum 2012
  • Bio-Link’s Bridge to Biotech (B2B) Learning Community Expands at Summer Fellows Forum’s B2B Pre-Conference
  • Minnesota Biomedical Industry, Higher Education and Government:  Working Together for Student and Industry Success
Issue date: May 2012

Bio-Link Connection October 2011

Issue date: October 2011

Bio-Link Connection May 2011

Issue date: May 2011

Bio-Link Connection October 2010

Issue date: October 2010

Bio-Link Connection April 2010

Issue date: April 2010

Bio-Link Connection October 2009

Issue date: October 2009

Bio-Link Connection April 2009

Issue date: April 2009