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This second Bio-Link webinar focuses on Bio-Link's popular website: is external)


The biotech industry has been growing faster than other areas of the US economy.  Biotech positions offer good salaries and benefits, interesting work, and opportunities for advancement.  Nevertheless, many biotechnology education programs struggle with student recruitment.  Two contributing factors are the lack of knowledge among high school teachers and students concerning jobs in biotechnology and the misconception that all STEM careers require an advanced degree.  This webinar will showcase Bio-Link’s interactive career website that addresses misconceptions and informs students about the many opportunities in biotech.

In this webinar, we discuss information that can be found at is external) and demonstrate how to use this web site to:

  • research different types of careers,
  • learn about people who work in those careers,
  • learn about the education requirements for various jobs,
  • learn how to find a college that offers the right degrees,
  • learn how to find a job or internship in biotechnology  

We also describe how some teachers are using is external) as a tool to help students of all backgrounds imagine themselves in meaningful STEM careers.



Sandra Porter, PhD


Future webinars will cover these topics in more depth and discuss curriculum development, the Course-in-a-Box program, Bioscience skill standards, and how to teach about exciting new topics like CRISPR/Cas9.

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