Bio-Link Webinar: Third Party Certification

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Bio-Link Webinar: Third Party Certification & Entry-Level Certificates in Biotechnology was presented 3pm ET on Friday, May 12, 2017.  A recording of the webinar is available on YouTube, and slides for the event are also available

Speakers from several areas will share their experiences and discuss student outcomes:

  • Tamara Mandell, Lori Wojciechowski, from Biotility(link is external) will describe how the exam is administered and the historical outcomes.
  • Jeff Bush, Vero Beach High School, Florida, and Fiona McAlister, PhD., Southern Oklahoma Technology Center, OK, will talk about their experiences.
  • Neil Glynn, PhD, and Joe Wuerffel, PhD, from Syngenta, a plant biotech company, will discuss their experiences as employers of BACE students.
  • Linnea Fletcher, PhD, Austin Community College (ACC), will discuss how ACC implemented a certification by aligning the BACE with Texas requirements (TEKS).