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Presenter:  Sonia Wallman, PhD

Description:  Biomanufacturing education and training at community colleges took off in the late 1980's through the development of the earliest biotechnology hands-on education and training programs in industry clusters in California, Massachusetts and North Carolina. Community college biomanufacturing programs follow local industry need-early programs focused on biopharmaceutical production and analysis. Recent growth of industrial biotechnology in locales across the nation has led to the development of programs focusing on bioenergy; sustainable energy production and distribution; production and analysis of microalgae, yeast and bacterial industrial bioproducts and biodiesel production and analysis. The presentation shows the skills, knowledge and attributes common to all sectors of bioproduction and quality analysis. Student Faces of Success are offered as examples of how community college biomanufacturing education and training supports local biomanufacturing industry needs.  Several biomanufacturing programs will be profiled and participants will be encouraged to ‘talk story’ about their programs, their graduates and their local industry.