Biotic & Abiotic Factors Affecting Flowering of Mimulus Aurantiacus & Assemblage of Yeast Communities Within the Nectar Lab Workshop

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Presented by: Pat Seawell, Tadashi Fukami & Daria Hekmat-Scafe



1. Stanford-Bio44YSyllabus2011.pdf

This is the syllabus of the introductory biology lab course that was introduced to the workshop participants. At the workshop, the presenters discussed how this course may be modified to be implemented at high schools and community colleges.


2 & 3. Week 6 Protocol.pdf and Week 6.5 Protocol.pdf

These are lab protocols that were used in the course. Workshop participants tried these exercises with real Mimulus flowers we brought from the Stanford campus.


4. Fukami-bio-link-presentation-2011.pdf

These are the slides that Tadashi Fukami used during the workshop as a visual aid to explain some of the things that were done with the students.