Certification: A Wave or a Ripple?

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Presenter: Jeanette Mowery will lead the discussion.

Certification has been a long-standing discussion topic in the biotech education world and we may be getting close to seeing it happen.



Three months ago, we polled our LinkedIn group to survey their thoughts on certification.

Twenty six people commented on both the positive and negative aspects of certificiation. You can read the comments here

What do you think about certification? Add your comments at our LinkedIn group or enter them below.



Steps toward certification:

1. Review definitions - certification vs. accredition vs. certificates

2. Identify core competencies

3. Decide on types of certifications

4. Decide on criteria


What are core competencies in biotech?

Lisa Seidman has put together a draft with some ideas - Thinking about Core Competencies in Biotech

We want input from the community.


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